Bird spikes to prevent birds from nesting in gutters


Time:2023-12-22 05:19:47


Birds are beautiful creatures that add life and color to our surroundings. However, when they nest in gutters, and cause damage to homes or buildings. We can use a new type of stainless steel gutter anti-bird spikes. It has V-shaped double-row spikes, welded on one side of the stainless steel band, with a fastening piece, which can be easily bent to the edge of the gutter with a pipe wrench or by hand.

Gutter bird spikes are a humane and effective way to prevent birds from nesting in gutters. They are made of entirely 201 / 304 / 316 stainless steel material. Not only waterproof but also UV protection. Gutter bird spikes are an ideal pigeon gutter guard, proofing gutters and preventing birds from nesting in gutters. They’re almost invisible from the ground level. It doesn’t harm the birds either because they avoid it completely.

Unlike other bird control methods, bird spikes do not harm the birds. They simply create an uncomfortable surface that discourages birds from landing and nesting. This also prevents birds from blocking gutters and causing damage to buildings.

Gutter bird spikes are easy to install and maintain. The length of the stainless steel band varies from 50cm to 100cm, suitable for different lengths of gutter protection. They can be attached to gutters using clips or adhesive and require no additional maintenance once installed.

Bird spikes are a humane and effective way to prevent birds from nesting in gutters. By using bird spikes, we can prevent damage to buildings while also protecting the environment and the birds themselves.

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