Collapsible humane galvanized wire animal trap cages


Time:2023-12-22 05:13:40


For wild cats, possums and raccoons collapsible traps have a Space Saving Design for easy storage. When ready to use, just lift the handle and the trap pops into place! Made of galvanized wire mesh with steel reinforcement to extend its lifespan. Galvanized for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. The mesh is smaller than competing traps of the same size to prevent escaped and stolen bait. Spring-loaded door and sensitive trigger ensure quick, secure captures.

Safe and Humane: Protect animals with smooth inner edges and wire mesh exterior, which will result in the safe capture of unwanted animals.

Our live animal trap cage is using humanized design, not to hurt the animals. With a spring door and a sensitive trigger, this humane animal cage trap is super easy to lure those feral cats or vicious raccoons.

Small animal trap cages are generally used to catch mice and voles. Medium trap cages are for capturing squirrels, rabbits, cats, and raccoons. Large animal trap cages are used to capture stray dogs.

Our collapsible trap cages come in cardboard boxes or packed according to your requirements. Easy to transport and store this cage is perfect for gardeners and homeowners who want a safe, efficient, and humane way to rid themselves of pests.

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